There Is No Other Way To Cut This Attack On Titan Cake

Payback never tasted so sweet.Humanity finally struck back at the man-eating monsters from [...]

Payback never tasted so sweet.

Humanity finally struck back at the man-eating monsters from Attack on Titan, eating a life-size cake based on the grotesque anime characters. As the actors and crew sliced through the cake with swords, they proved that cats aren't the only creatures you can skin in multiple ways.

In case you were wondering why on Earth we would eat—let alone bake—an Attack on Titan cake, the creepy confection was made in honor of the franchise's live-action film debut, which recently premiered in Japan. You can check out photos of the actors slicing and dicing the cake below. We can only hope that the cake was slightly sweeter than the movie itself, which was reportedly slammed by foreign critics.

Would you eat a a cake baked like a cannibalistic monster? They say once you get a taste, you never go back…

Attack on Titan Part 1 hits U.S. theaters September 30, and Attack on Titan Parr 2 arrives on October 20.

Via Kotaku.