Thor: Love and Thunder Star Natalie Portman Clarifies "Lady Thor" Nickname, Calls Her "The Mighty Thor"

Thor: Love and Thunder is on the way and series star Natalie Portman wants fans to know she’s “The Mighty Thor.” Sometimes online, Jane Foster’s character is referred to as “Lady Thor,” but the MCU actress wanted to set things straight on The Kelly Clarkson Show. The host asked her about filming and some of her favorite women heroes. But, the topic came back to Foster and how her powers differ from Chris Hemsworth’s version of the character. It seems like Portman was down to discuss, but she couldn’t say too much as things are just getting rolling with Love and Thunder. Clarkson was ecstatic to hear any and all details the Thor actor could provide.

“So, she does have powers,” Portman explained. “It’s not exactly the same as Thor. It’s her own version of it. And, she’s called The Mighty Thor.”

Earlier this year, the Marvel star teased how her workouts were going and how much influence the comics version of the Mighty Thor factors into the film.

"I can’t tell you that much. I’m really excited," she said. "I’m starting to train, to get muscles. If there can be all these female superheroes, the more of them they are, the better it is. I’m trying to think — it’s based on the graphic novel of The Mighty Thor. She’s going through cancer treatment and is a superhero on the side."

Not to be left behind, Thor actor Chris Hemsworth couldn’t contain his excitement about the project when asked earlier this month.

"Very excited, excited to try to do something different, you know, the last three films we certainly, I think, pushed the envelope and created different versions of the character and now people expect some dramatic changes," Hemsworth revealed. "So, we've got our work cut out in that sense."

Marvel Studios darling Taika Waititi also chimed in about the upcoming adventure and made sure to keep mum about story details. However, the director is also promising that there are some changes coming for the Asgardian this time.


"We don’t know. That comics run was a big inspiration, and was an influence on the first few drafts," Waititi revealed earlier this year. "But at Marvel, we always change everything. I could say one thing right now, and in two years, it will be the complete opposite — or that thing won’t exist. We continue writing even in post-production."

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