Tom Cruise Reveals He Ran on Broken Ankle in Mission: Impossible - Fallout'

Tom Cruise said his ankle is not completely healed after he was injured while performing a stunt [...]

Tom Cruise said his ankle is not completely healed after he was injured while performing a stunt for Mission: Impossible - Fallout last year. In fact, he told Australia's The Sunday Project he ran on the broken ankle since he did not want to have to perform the stunt again.

Cruise, 56, broke his ankle in August 2017 while filming a scene where he jumped from one building to another. The shot of Cruise hurting himself was included in the film and has been heavily featured in trailers.

After he landed awkwardly on the other side, clinging to the ledge, he pulled himself up and started to run across the roof.

"Yeah I ran...I just [wanted to] keep going because I know I'm not doing this again," Cruise said, reports The Daily Mail.

Aftwards, Cruise had to go to rehab while production on Fallout was on hold.

"I had to go into full rehab," the actor explained. "I had friends calling, 'Oh man, you want to come down to the south of France.' [I had to reply] I have got 10 to 12 hours of rehab."

Cruise jokingly said he does not "recommend breaking that bone, it's not pleasant."

"I spent years training for these things and I have been doing it for years. So we do everything we can possible to limit any kind of mistakes and we are very thorough about how we approach these things and calculate it," Cruise explained. "When you are going, there are times I'm not wearing a helmet and we are going high speed."

Cruise said the ankle is still healing, even as he went ahead to film other stunts for the film earlier this year. In January, TMZ published footage of Cruise jumping out a window and slipping on the ledge.

Despite the injury and the production pause, Paramount still finished Fallout on time to get it ready for the July release date. Co-star Michelle Monaghan confirmed the take where Cruise broke his ankle is in the final cut.

"I was not there that day but [Tom] did show me the video over and over again," Monaghan told Entertainment Tonight in February. "That's the take that's gonna make the movie. So they're going to actually use that."

Monaghan, who joined the franchise in Mission: Impossible III (2006), said Cruise is one of the best at what he does.

"He's just completely dedicated to what he does. I worked with him many, many years ago when I first started ...but having been back in the saddle with him again for [the sixth Mission: Impossible movie] was a complete reminder," Monaghan told ET. "He's not wavered in his commitment to his craft and to the material at hand. He's a real joy to work with."

Fallout, directed by Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation helmer Christopher McQuarrie, opens on July 27.

Photo Credit: Facebook / Paramount