Top Gun: Maverick Star Tom Cruise Praises Val Kilmer

Top Gun: Maverick star Tom Cruise had some thoughtful words about Val Kilmer. In the sequel to the first film, Iceman is back and producers are teasing some emotional moments with Maverick. Cruise talked to Metro about working with his old friend again. The star reiterated his admiration for Kilmer and said that it was "incredibly unique." The Iceman actor has been adamant about his desire to be in the follow-up before it was announced. Cruise has actually gone on record as lobbying for the Batman actor to have a place in whatever the Top Gun sequel was going to become. With Maverick being such a celebration of the first movie, it only makes sense to make certain characters pop back up in the story so many years later. Every review has said that fans of Top Gun will have a lot of emotions around this sequel. But, the most emotional moment in the film will probably be Cruise's reunion with Kilmer. 

"It was lovely. The whole experience, you know, 36 years to make this film. There were so many moments in making it that were very special, incredibly unique," Cruise told the outlet. "He's an actor that I greatly admire, so it was wonderful."

Spencer Perry reviewed Top Gun: Maverick for He loved the visuals for this movie and lauded some of the emotional elements that manage to sneak up on the audience as the high-octane dogfights unfold on the big screen. "Top Gun: Maverick is a movie that is satisfying on the narrative level, in a visual sense, and when accounting for what the movie is actually about," Perry argues. 'The film is the rare sequel that outdoes the original in every way, delivering the ultimate theatrical experience that will have audiences convinced they've just hit crossed Mach 5 themselves."

Top Gun: Maverick has a brand new description from Paramount: "After more than thirty years of service as one of the Navy's top aviators, Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell (Tom Cruise) is where he belongs, pushing the envelope as a courageous test pilot and dodging the advancement in rank that would ground him. When he finds himself training a detachment of Top Gun graduates for a specialized mission the likes of which no living pilot has ever seen, Maverick encounters Lt. Bradley Bradshaw (Miles Teller), call sign: 'Rooster,' the son of Maverick's late friend and Radar Intercept Officer Lt. Nick Bradshaw, aka 'Goose.' Facing an uncertain future and confronting the ghosts of his past, Maverick is drawn into a confrontation with his own deepest fears, culminating in a mission that demands the ultimate sacrifice from those who will be chosen to fly it."

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