Troma's Lloyd Kaufman Says Toxic Avenger Remake Script Is Better Than the Original

When a beloved property gets the remake treatment, people involved with the original experience [...]

When a beloved property gets the remake treatment, people involved with the original experience will sometimes decry the reinvention, but in the case of The Toxic Avenger, Troma Entertainment president Lloyd Kaufman thinks the upcoming take on the concept is better than the source material. However, given that Troma is known for pulling off genre projects with minimal budgets, it would seem that Kaufman is well aware of how this new take on the concept will be a more ambitious affair than the project that made the character famous among genre enthusiasts and likely launch "Toxie" to all-new levels of popularity.

"Macon Blair knows Troma better than I do. He's seen everything. He's seen the cartoon, he's seen the Halloween special, he's seen everything," Kaufman shared with Dread Central. "And he loves our movies like Troma's War and Terror Firmer. I've read the script and it's better than the original and I leave it to him. If I'm called upon, I'd be happy to jump in. I learned on the musical to leave the creative to the creative. I learned to let them ask so if they want me, I'm there."

While it was previously reported that I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore filmmaker Macon Blair was slated to both write and direct the new film, Kaufman remarked that he still hopes that Blair directs, in addition to writing, igniting some speculation about what the future of the project could be.

"I hope that Legendary keeps going," Kaufman admitted. "If they let Macon Blair direct it, I think it will be terrific. He knows the Troma sense of humor, the combination of slapstick and satire with the environmental theme."

The premise of the original film was previously described as following "the story of Melvin Ferd (Mark Torgl), a mild-mannered janitor at a health club who is transformed into a horrific, mutated, radioactive creature after being chased out of a window by bullies only to fall into a vat of toxic waste. However, the toxic waste doesn't just transform his appearance. Melvin is given superhuman size and strength, turning him to a hero who stands up not just to bullies, but corruption as well."

Between the new reboot coming from Legendary and with Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage reportedly attached, this reboot is sure to revive the character in a major way.

Stay tuned for details on the remake of The Toxic Avenger.

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