'Transformers: The Last Knight' Gets An Honest Trailer

To no one's surprise, Screen Junkies have produced an Honest Trailer for Transformers: The Last [...]

To no one's surprise, Screen Junkies have produced an Honest Trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight, Michael Bay's 2017 film which is supposedly his final outing as a director in the Hasbro-owned franchise.

From baffling creative decisions to bizarre character designs to mind-bending continuity errors, Transformers: The Last Knight is a movie that managed to frustrate audiences and critics alike, and became the lowest-grossing installment of the franchise yet.

2017 marked the tenth anniversary of the Transformers film franchise, and Michael Bay is giving the series a parting gift for the anniversary, and after five Bay-directed films, it seems the series will be going in a radically different direction moving forward, relocating the action to the 1980s and centering the story on Bumblebee, the Transformer whose involvement with Sam Witwicky kicked off the franchise's action in the first film.

Honest Trailers are hardly the first to tear into Transformers: The Last Knight. After years of poorly-reviewed films that managed to nevertheless make a mint at the box office, critics and those fans who have long objected to Bay's handling of their favorite franchise took the chance to kick this movie while it was down after its disappointing opening and lackluster international performance.

Sites like Rotten Tomatoes have pulled together some of the Internet's most trusted critics, and they do not have good things to say. When it comes to Transformers' fifth film, publications like The Hollywood Reporter and IGN have had about enough. The film has a score of just 16% on Rotten Tomatoes, and the score doesn't get much better on other sites. Metacritic gave the feature a score of 29.

If you are a fan of the Transformers films, then you will find something to like in The Last Knight, but the movie doesn't open itself up to newcomers. Rotten Tomatoes' critics consensus had this to say about the movie and its stereotypical 'Bayhem' action:

"Cacophonous, thinly plotted, and boasting state-of-the-art special effects, The Last Knight is pretty much what you'd expect from the fifth installment of the Transformers franchise."

The film is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and streaming.