Sony's 'Harbinger' Reportedly Has a Director

In addition to the budding Marvel-centric universe Sony has launched including Venom and Morbius, [...]

In addition to the budding Marvel-centric universe Sony has launched including Venom and Morbius, it appears the movie studio will be adding one more shared universe to its repertoire. According to new reports, Sony's Harbinger has found a director and the property is moving forward soon.

That Hashtag Show is reporting that Justin Tipping has been brought on board to direct the film — his directorial debut on a feature film for a major movie studio. Tipping directed a pair of shorts — Nani and Swimming in Air — before helming Kicks, a short indie feature about a kid who tracks down his stolen pair of shoes through Oakland.

Premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2016, Kicks has been generally well received by critics, earning an 84% rating on the review-aggregating site Rotten Tomatoes. Kicks starred Christopher Jordan Wallace — the son of the late rap icon Christopher "The Notorious B.I.G." Wallace — and Mahershala Ali, an Academy Award winner.

Most recently, Tipping directed an episode of Showtime's The Chi.

The project was initially announced over two years ago, with Harbinger initially being scheduled for release prior to Bloodshot. Now that the latter has actually wrapped production, it's obviously no longer a reality. After both Harbinger and Bloodshot debut, Sony reportedly has a crossover movie titled Harbinger Wars in the works.

Tipping co-wrote the script for Harbinger alongside Joshus Berine-Golden.

Before Harbinger hits theaters, Bloodshotsolo flick featuring Vin Diesel will premiere — a movie in which Diesel has the perfect role, according to producer Dinesh Shamdasani.

"It's exactly what Vin's talking about," Shamdasani said. "The reason Bloodshot's been so popular and so successful is that he isn't an extraordinary human being who becomes a superhero. He's an ordinary guy that through extraordinary situations becomes this larger than life character, and the thing that's amazing about Vin is that even though you and I sitting here next to him and he's a monster and he's got the 'it' quality, on screen he has this amazing ability that you can watch him and say 'man, I could be Vin. I could be that guy' because he feels like us. And so that's what really works with Bloodshot. You emote with him before he becomes Bloodshot."

Bloodshot hits theaters in early 2020 while Harbinger has yet to set a release date.