Warner Bros. Looking For A Tall Love Interest For Batman Or Maybe Wonder Woman

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While we still might not know if Lex Luthor is going to be in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie (not yet officially titled), there is some other casting news that has leaked online. Latino Review is reporting that Warner Bros. is looking for an actress in "their late 20s and are open to all ethnicities." They are also specifying that they need someone "who is both tall and possesses physicality." One thought that might immediately spring to mind given the tall and physicality requirement is that Warner Bros is casting their Wonder Woman, which is a possibility that Latino Review mentions. However, for such a high profile role as Wonder Woman, would Warner Bros. really send out an open casting notice or would they have specific actresses in mind that they would call in to audition? The other theory that Latino Review suggests is that this new casting notice is for a love interest for Batman. It would definitely make sense from the perspective of that Ben Affleck is around 6' 4" so Warner Bros. would need a tall actress that he wouldn't tower over to play his girlfriend. Also, supporting the theory that the casting notice is for Batman's girlfriend is that Jeff Sneider of The Wrap recently tweeted, "And now we turn our attention to that pesky STAR WARS: EPISODE VII "rumor" & the "tall woman" Warner Bros. wants for Batman's love interest." Of course, there could also be the possibility that both theories are correct. Maybe, the tall woman that Warner Bros. wants to play Batman's love interest is also Wonder Woman. If Superman can date Wonder Woman in the comic books, then why can't Batman date Wonder Woman in the movies? Wouldn't that be a twist?