What Justice Leaguer Does Hans Zimmer Want to Score?

During a just-aired interview on HuffPost, Interstellar and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice composer Hans Zimmer  discussed his process on writing music for big, superhero blockbusters.

ComicBook.com's Jim Viscardi appeared on the show, asking whether Zimmer had any characters in mind he'd like to compose for in the Justice League franchise since he isn't going to be doing Batman in the upcoming Batman V Superman movie, having handed the task over to Junkie XL.

"I don't try to think about characters that I don't have to, in a way," he said.

Zimmer said that in the Dark Knight Trilogy, he knew how to do Batman, but not Bruce Wayne.

"Joker, on the other hand? That wasn't a challenge," Zimmer said.


"I celebrate humanity. My big thing with Man of Steel is that rather than doing this big splashy thing, I was looking for a human element. I thought, why can't I think of this character as someone who has these powers but what he really wants is to be more human. I think the whole thing with Kryptonite is that it's an easy way out -- but that if you really want to destroy Superman, you break his heart."

Interstellar is in theaters Friday.