Wonder Woman 1984: Gal Gadot Got A Major Pay Raise for DC Sequel

When Gal Gadot blocked bullets in No Man's Land in the first Wonder Woman, she was doing it for way less money than fans might expect for not only the star of a superhero movie but the actress playing one of DC's coveted Trinity characters. In a new report on Vanity Fair, the outlet reveals Gadot was paid just $300,000 for her work in the 2017 feature film. For the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 however, Gadot got a huge pay bump. VF reveals that Gadot reportedly earned $10 million for this year's sequel, 33 times what she took home on the first movie.

Despite this giant increase in her pay, it's still considerably lower than even some of her co-stars made in their movies for DC or over at the House of Ideas. According to other reports, Jason Momoa made $14 million for his solo Aquaman movie, with Robert Downey Jr. reportedly making "at least" $75 million on last year's Avengers: Endgame. Despite the disparity in her pay and some of her colleagues, Gadot remains a bright spot in terms of big screen superheroes, something that even her director Patty Jenkins attests to.

“Gal was a tremendous talent from the start, but I have to say, her acting skills have exploded,” Jenkins told the outlet. “She’s just one of the best actresses working now. I remember when she rounded the corner [in that scene] and walked in, there was such a complexity of warmth and generosity on her face. I was looking at her and thinking, Wow, she’s so stunning—it’s like she came out of a comic book, right off the page, like you couldn’t imagine anything more beautiful—and yet she exudes this complex wisdom.”

Gadot also opened up about the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984, comparing it to the first film and how it branches into new territories.


“I think the first film was the birth of a hero, and this time around we wanted to go deeper in a way," the actress revealed. "It’s more about the danger in greed, and I think that it’s very relevant to the era that we’re living in nowadays. It feels like everyone is in a race for more, and when you get what you wanted there’s a new bar—and what’s the price? And do we lose ourselves in this crazy marathon?”

Following multiple delays due to the coronavirus pandemic, Wonder Woman 1984 is currently scheduled to be released on December 25th. There are no plans by the studio to release the film on streaming before it can arrive in theaters.