Wonder Woman 1984 Mid-Credits Scene Explained

After multiple release date delays and a lot of hype amongst fans, Wonder Woman 1984 has [...]

After multiple release date delays and a lot of hype amongst fans, Wonder Woman 1984 has officially arrived. The DC Comics-inspired film made its debut on Christmas Day, with viewers able to check it out both in select theaters and on the HBO Max streaming service. For those who immediately checked out the film, there's undoubtedly a lot to take in, as the nearly three-hour-long blockbuster includes a lot of nods to the Princess of the Amazons' history. While that was the case across the film itself, it became abundantly clear in the film's jaw-dropping mid-credits scene. Major spoilers for Wonder Woman 1984 below! Only look if you want to know!

Earlier on in the film, Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) explains the history of her Golden Eagle armor, which she has hidden in her base of operations in her Washington, DC apartment. As Diana explains to a newly-resurrected Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), the armor was worn by the greatest champion of the Amazons -- Asteria, a legendary warrior who stayed behind in man's world as Zeus created Themyscira.

Fast-forward to the mid-credits scene, which shows a brunette woman walking through a town's square while wearing a blue outfit. After a nearby pole breaks and almost crushes nearby civilians, the woman instantly holds it up and saves the day -- and turns around to reveal her face. It's Asteria, played by none other than legendary Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter. Asteria introduces herself to one of the civilians and hints at her history, before remarking that she's been "doing this for a long time".

The moment is undoubtedly epic -- namely because it pays homage to Carter's original run as Wonder Woman, on the eponymous TV show that initially aired from 1975 to 1979 (which just so happened to be added to HBO Max earlier this week). It also canonizes Carter within the modern-day DC Films universe, something that fans have been excited about the possibility of for a really long time.

"I've spoken to [director] Patty Jenkins. She talked to me on the phone about the character, and we were trying to see if I could do something with the [first Wonder Woman] movie, but it didn't work out," Carter said in an interview with Variety in 2016. "The timing was off, and I was doing other things and couldn't get over to where they were shooting."

And with an Amazons spinoff in the works, and Wonder Woman 3 remaining a possibility, there's no telling exactly where we could see Asteria next.

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