Zach Braff's Kickstarter Comic Con Movie Sold at Sundance Film Festival

Wish I Was Here, Zach Braff's Kickstarter-funded film that shot partially at last summer's San [...]


Wish I Was Here

, Zach Braff's Kickstarter-funded film that shot partially at last summer's San Diego Comic Con International, has been picked up for U.S. and Canadian distribution by the recently-reconfigured Focus Features. The film stars Braff as a father struggling to homeschool his kids. Joining him are Mandy Patinkin, Josh Gad, Kate Hudson, Jim Parsons, Ashley Greene, Pierce Gagnon and Joey King. The deal is $2.75 million for a theatrical release; home video may be handled by someone else. Wish I Were Here is Focus Features's first major acquisition since Peter Schlessel took over back in October. No official release date is set yet. In response to the deal, Braff sent out a message to Kickstarter backers, who pre-ordered movies and merch to the tune of more than $3 million int he course of a month back in April and May:


On April 24th 2013, I reached out for help from all of you in order to create a film without compromises. I promised you that I would do my very best if you believed in me, and I told you that my dream was to show the film at the Sundance Film Festival, where I could find a distributor that could help me bring the film to all of you in theaters. I am thrilled to announce that thanks to each one of you, those dreams have come true and we have a new member of our family.Focus Features will distribute the film in the US and Canada. Focus has a great reputation for supporting independent voices, and many of those voices have directed some of my favorite films.  But, the main reason I chose the great people at Focus is because of the way they embraced the idea of joining our Kickstarter family and the unique way we made this film. Now, as we finish securing our international distributors, our little film is on the road to coming to theaters all over the world. Wow.  I am so honored that you chose to support my vision and my dream, and so proud of what we have created together. You have been and will continue to be my most important audience, and my most valued friends.