Zack Snyder Reveals His Favorite Shot from New Justice League Trailer

Today marked the return of the official teaser trailer for Zack Snyder's Justice League to the [...]

Today marked the return of the official teaser trailer for Zack Snyder's Justice League to the internet (following a brief sabbatical as music rights were hashed out). Snyder not only revealed a black and white version of the trailer as well but also made a few changes to the video by adding some shots and removing others. After its premiere Snyder took to Vero to offer a whole hour-long breakdown for the brief trailer, pointing out elements and answering fan questions. When asked about his favorite shot in the movie, Snyder mostly relented that it was like trying to pick his favorite child, but did offer one in particular as one he's quite fond of.

"You know, there's so many," Snyder said. "I'm really enjoying a lot of this stuff, but one of my favorites is this Batman shot. It's one of my favorite Batman shots, but I feel like (the trailer) is a cornucopia of stuff." We've included the specific shot below!

(Photo: WarnerMedia)

During his breakdown of hte trailer Snyder elaborated on this shot and why it's one of his favorites, adding: "This shot, I always wanted to do this amazing, classic Batman gargoyle shot. And this is on top of the Gotham City Police Department. Patrick (Tatopoulos, production designer) built me this crazy, scary, skeleton gargoyle with its placard and stuff. And I said 'Yeah, that's perfect.' I think there's a miniature of this that I have that Patrick built me it's a pretty big sculpture of it. It's pretty amazing. I thought it was a really cool little piece."

Though the above shot was among the many by Snyder actually used in the theatrical cut, we know that the director welcomed back Ben Affleck as one of the actors who took part in the additional photography for the movie. In a recent interview Snyder gave more details into the return of Batfleck, talking about Affleck putting the famous bat-suit back on.

"I think he forgot how uncomfortable it is, but that's fine. He was incredibly gracious and again it's funny how they just [snaps fingers]," Snyder shared with Beyond the Trailer. "A couple of the costumes, y'know, have been in archives for a while... They were all over the place, in museums and stuff and we had to tear 'em out of there. Y'know, I think one of the cowls was put on and just kind of like ripped in half."

There's no word yet on when Zack Snyder's Justice League releases on HBO Max, but the project is supposed to hit the streamer sometime in 2021