Zack Snyder To Direct Star Wars Movie Based On Seven Samurai

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While the world awaits Disney to officially announce who will be directing Star Wars Episode 7, it's being reported that Man of Steel director Zack Snyder will direct a Star Wars movie. However, the catch is that it will not be Star Wars Episode 7 or even part of the next Star Wars trilogy. According to Vulture, Zack Snyder is busy at work developing a Star Wars movie that will be a Jedi epic loosely based on Seven Samurai. Ronin and katana will be replaced with Jedi knights and lightsabers in Snyder's version. Zack Snyder's Star Wars film is not yet titled, and there is no information on how and where it would fit in with the existing Star Wars universe. Reportedly, it will be a stand-alone film, so it will not get an episode number. An insider did tell Vulture that it would likely be post-Episode 7 events. While this report is of course unconfirmed by anyone in an official capacity at Disney or Lucasfilm, it has been widely speculated that Disney plans to develop the Star Wars franchise similar to The Avengers, where there might be solo films building into the major episode releases.