Zack Snyder's Justice League: Additional Photography Will Only Add 5 Minutes of Footage

Rampant speculation continues to persist around Zack Snyder's Justice League, as the filmmaker's version of his DC Comics universe is set to hit HBO Max sometime in 2021. But with the reveal that reshoots would be underway comes a lot of questions about how much Snyder will change from the theatrical version that was finalized by Joss Whedon. Now Snyder recently went on a podcast with YouTube host Grace Randolph to detail his plans for his Justice League Snyder Cut, revealing that the extent of reshoots is a lot smaller than many fans expected.

Snyder recently appeared on the podcast and was asked about the extent of his reshoots. While there are reports of actors like Jared Leto and Joe Manganiello reprising their roles as Joker and Deathstroke respectively, Snyder indicates that his reshoots will not be significant in the runtime of the series.

"In the end, it's gonna probably be about four minutes or five minutes of additional photography," Snyder said. "In the four hours that is Justice League, it is four minutes."

There are a lot of questions surrounding Snyder's vision of Justice League, especially how it pertains to Superman. While early rumors and Snyder's own comments indicate that Clark Kent would become a villain after dying in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the filmmaker made it clear that he has a clear arc in mind that stems from Man of Steel.

"I love the idea of Superman going on a journey with his character," Snyder explained. "I love the idea of Superman having to reconcile his morality, reconcile his place on Earth, reconcile love affair with Lois and how that affects the way he relates to humanity and all those things as we all do with the normal relationships we all have in our daily lives. So I think that when you see Superman grapple with those things, he becomes a lot more relatable.


"When I see Superman having to figure out what to do, I now can go like, 'Wow, if I was Superman...' Superman is such an abstract character, in his powers and what he's able to do. Anytime you can bring him back down to Earth, he becomes a lot more relatable, and for that he's more interesting. A huge respect for his moral code, and I think his ultimate place as the top of the pyramid of the DC superhero world. In the end he has to achieve that pinnacle."

Zack Snyder's Justice League will reportedly premiere on HBO Max in 2021.