10 Best Justice League SDCC Trailer Moments

It’s been over a week and fans are still talking about all of the exciting announcements to come [...]

It's been over a week and fans are still talking about all of the exciting announcements to come out of San Diego Comic-Con. Perhaps one of the biggest reveals was the massive, new trailer for Justice League -- a trailer that clocked in at over four minutes! Considering the trailer was loaded with so much DC-geeky goodness, we decided to countdown the 10 Best Justice League Trailer Moments!

One of those moments belongs to our No. 3 spot: Our first cinematic glimpse of Justice League's main antagonist, Steppenwolf, played by veteran actor Ciaran Hinds.

If you know your DC comics, then you know Steppenwolf is a powerful character created by Jack Kirby who is not only one of the New Gods but also the uncle to mega-villain, Darkseid. His debut in the DCEU can only signal the inevitable arrival of Darkseid himself. Does that mean we'll catch a glimpse of the omega beam-brandishing megalomaniac in the film? It's very possible.

While Darkseid could be saved for the sequel, Steppenwolf may very well be the film's red herring, similar to the way Danny Huston was used as an Ares fake-out in this year's Wonder Woman. Either way, with Steppenwolf commanding the parademons, we have little doubt that Darkseid's presence will be felt throughout the picture.

While we only catch a brief glimpse of Steppenwolf in the trailer, we do get to hear his no-nonsense threat towards Earth when he says: "No protectors here… No Lanterns. No Kryptonians. This world will fall… Like all the others."

It's a powerful message from Steppenwolf that helps the audience realize why it will take the unity of the Justice League to stop him.

Justice League lands into theaters on November 17, 2017.

What was your favorite moment from the Justice League Comic-Con trailer? To find out if it made the list, click on the video at the top of the article!