10 Best Things to Come Out of Comic-Con

If there’s one event where comic fans can expect a whirlwind of geek news, it is San Diego Comic [...]

If there's one event where comic fans can expect a whirlwind of geek news, it is San Diego Comic Con, and 2017 most definitely did NOT disappoint! Even though we're sad it's already over, we're softening the blow by reflecting over the last four days with the 10 Best Things to Come Out of Comic-Con!

One of those things is our fourth choice on the list: The trailer for Netflix's Stranger Things 2. The first season of Stranger Things was a surprise hit that turned into a bonafide pop culture event. From the creepy John Carpenter inspired synth-pop soundtrack to the Steven Spielberg-esque tone of the series that featured a likable band of youngsters, the nostalgia-driven love letter to the eighties was universally praised.

And at SDCC, we learned that Stranger Things 2 promises to deliver everything we loved about the first season all over again!

Immediately, the trailer begins with the quartet at the arcade excitedly playing "Dragon's Lair" when an ominous voice starts whispering at Will. It doesn't take long from there to figure out that this season is going to be darker than ever once Vincent Price's classic monologue from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" begins. The trailer wraps up perfectly by revealing that the first season's scene stealer, the nose-bleeding telekinetic Eleven, has survived in the "Upside Down" dimension and will no doubt be returning to help Will and the others battle the forces of darkness that threaten their small town.

What was your favorite moment to come out of San Diego Comic-Con? To find out if it made the list, click on the video at the top of the article!