Adult-Size Little Tikes Car Goes Up For Auction

Apparently the Cozy Coupe isn't just for Little Tykes anymore.

A life-sized version of the wildly popular plastic car is available for auction, according to Good Morning America (via Yahoo! News).

The car, christened the Big Tyke and available on eBay, is being offered for £21,500.00 (around $33,200).

The vehicle took weeks of work to customize from a Daewoo and has about 5,000 miles on it -- presumably mostly as a proof of concept before sale, to ensure safety and driveability.

Apparently the plan had been to rent out, but there hasn't been enough interest. They're hoping the nostalgia factor will drive somebody to purchase it instead, and they can use the money to fund their next passion project, which is apparently Addams Family-themed.


"We were hoping it would be out on a regular basis, create some revenue and recoup the money used to build it," Geof Bitmead told the BBC earlier this week. "But in real life it ended up going out four or five times in two years. So we thought we might as well sell it and if anyone's interested in buying it that will bring back some money for us."