Amazing Spider-Man #698 Spoiler Leaked Online

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Like many of you, we've already seen the Amazing Spider-Man #698 spoiler that has leaked online. No, we won't reproduce it here in order to preserve the element of surprise until the issue is released  tomorrow (or until it likely gets officially leaked on a major media site later today). So if we aren't going to spoil what happens, why are we mentioning it? Well, because writer Dan Slott was not kidding when he said retailers hadn't ordered enough of Amazing Spider-Man #698. No matter how many copies your local comic book retailer ordered, it is unlikely to be enough. If you want to get your hands on this copy for anywhere close to retail price, you should be at your local comic book shop when it opens tomorrow. In fact, you should probably go talk to your local comic book shop owner today and see if you can convince them to hold you a copy. Writer Dan Slott was also correct in predicting that he would have to go into hiding after Amazing Spider-Man #698. What Slott does to Spider-Man will likely upset a lot of people. In fact early chatter from those who have seen the spoiler is mixed between those who are very upset and those who are impressed that Slott was able to pull off a shocker that they did not see coming. Amazing Spider-Man #698 will be released in comic book stores on Wednesday, May 21, 2013.