American Horror Story Season 6: Baby Face Teaser

Over the past few weeks, FOX has been teasing fans of American Horror Story with all sorts of [...]

Over the past few weeks, FOX has been teasing fans of American Horror Story with all sorts of twisted teasers. From deep-sea creatures to horrifying spiders, the network's unsettling trailer adverts were all created to promote the series' upcoming sixth season. Just recently, a brand-new teaser hit the Internet, and fans already agree it's one that'll give them all nightmares.

Entitled "Baby Face," the clip begins simply enough as a camera captures footage of what seems to be a child's bedroom. There are stuffed animals sat by a window and a doll with braided pigtails can be seen sitting in a chair. However, the unassuming toy isn't what it appears. Once the camera zooms in on the doll, her eyes open - and what's more - her gently smiling lips transform into a gruesome, gory cavern. Reminiscent of Twisty the Clown's deformed jaw line, the doll smacks her gums several times, producing a sickening squelch as she goes. The scene then abruptly switches once the Season 6 logo for American Horror Story appears, teasing the show's return on September 14th.

Understandably, if you have any dolls lying around your house, now would be the time you got rid of them.

While the trailer might have some horror fans ready for the return of FOX's hit series, viewers shouldn't get ahead of themselves just yet. After all, the network's president John Landgraff has stressed some of the show's teasers are not be real. In an attempt to misdirect fans, FOX decided to air irrelevant trailers to keep viewers guessing about the storyline of Season 6.

However, it seems that a few media snafus might've spilled the show's secrete ahead of time. After Rotten Tomatoes listed the sixth season as American Horror Story: The Mist online before yanking it, TV Guide fanned rumors of the title's legitimacy. A Reddit user noticed the magazine also referred to the show as The Mist in its latest issue. Of course, this rumor has led fans to wonder whether the new season might be based off Stephen King's novella The Mist. However, others have noted the collaboration would be unlikely as Spike previously picked up the story for their own 10-episode series.

So, out of all the show's trailers, which one do you guys hope is real? After all, FOX released a creepy teaser this year called "The Mist" that shows an anthropomorphic creature crawling on over dusty train tracks.