Anthony Mackie Talks Marvel & DC Rivalry, Favorite Batman


Anthony Mackie is reprising his role as Falcon in Marvel's upcoming Civil War, but he also had some thoughts on the perceived war between the big two, those being Marvel and DC.

At a press junket for the John Hellcat directed Triple 9, here is what he said about the back and forth between DC and Marvel (via Flickering Myth)

"It's still strange to me that people think DC and Marvel are rivals, thinking we sit on the Marvel sets talking (trash) about DC."

That is a perfectly acceptable answer, but c'mon Mackie, we know you like to strut just a little bit when it comes to DC, as illustrated so eloquently in the video below from the Winter Solider press junkets.

He also had something to say about who would win between Batman and Superman, and who his favorite Dark Knight was.


"If I had to pick, I'd pick Batman… Michael Keaton is my favourite Batman, though if I got to hang out with Morgan Freeman for the rest of my life, I'd be happy!"

Can't fault the pick, as Michael Keaton is also one of my favorites, though for me Christian Bale in Batman Begins surpassed him. This brings up the question though, who is your favorite Batman? Let us know in the comments!