Archer Renewed For Two More Seasons at FX


The spy comedy-turned-drug-dealer-comedy Archer starring Emmy winner H. Jon Benjamin and a raft of talented comedians like Jessica Walter, Judy Greer and Chris Parnell.

Archer is one of the best comedies on television and has played a significant role in the growth of the FX comedy brand,” Eric Schrier, one of the presidents of original programming for FX Networks and FX Productions, said today in a statement. ”We’re grateful to Adam Reed, Matt Thompson and their team at Floyd County, and also our incredible voice cast, and are looking forward to supporting their work for at least two more seasons.”

A pair of 13-episode seasons theoretically opens up a lot of syndication opportunities for the veteran comedy, bringing its episode total at the end of that period up over 80.

The current season has seen the show evolve from a foul-mouthed Get Smart-style spy comedy to a dual-pronged tale in which most of the former ISIS gang, now stripped of their organization following a government raid, are selling cocaine they previously confiscated during their law enforcement days in the hopes of making enough money to retire. That's except for Carol/Cheryl, who is trying to make it as a country-Western singer, complete with a real-live album being produced by a friend of the show and performed by a singer who sounds a bit like voice actress Judy Greer, who plays Cheryl.

“So she is now ‘Cherlene,’” Executive Producer Matt Thompson explained. “She’s on the road. She’s doing country songs, and we’re actually putting out a country album with the show this year. Not a joke. A country album. We’re doing ‘Danger Zone’ as a country song. We’re doing ‘Eastbound & Down,’ like from Smokey and the Bandit. There’s a big Smokey and the Bandit episode coming where they have to get Cherlene to the concert in Texas and Archer’s in his f---ing TransAm Blocker car and we’re playing ‘Eastbound and Down’ and Cherlene’s singing. It’s pretty great.”