Arrow: What Series Regular Is Out to Get Ollie This Year?


With the massive shift in the status quo at the end of last year, Arrow's return has posed a lot of questions: who will be with, or against, the hooded archer at the heart of the show?

We've got at least one answer, compliments of a minor spoiler at TV Line. They report that one of the series' regular actors will basically become an anti-Arrow crusader this year.

That would be Laurel Lance, who lost her boyfriend at the end of last season during the big, climactic battle between Arrow (her ex-boyfriend, not that she knows that) and Merlyn the Dark Archer (the father of the boyfriend who died).

“Laurel’s joined the district attorney’s office … now that CNRI has been destroyed,” they quote Andrew Kreisberg as saying Tuesday on the set. “Her mission at the top of the season is to bring down the Arrow.”


It's still not clear, with the advent of a new Black Canary and seeming hints that Felicity Smoak and Ollie could get together this season, whether they're aiming Laurel at becoming "THE" Black Canary from the comics someday, but while they're figuring that out, this is a new direction to take her that's a little more plot-friendly than last year's sulky ex angle.

Arrow Season Two debuts next Wednesday, October 9, at 8 p.m. on The CW.