Arrow's Midseason Premiere: Five Questions Raised

Spoilers ahead for tonight's episode of Arrow. Duh.Tonight saw Oliver Queen back in action (well, [...]

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Spoilers ahead for tonight's episode of Arrow.


Tonight saw Oliver Queen back in action (well, not really...but back, anyway), Tatsu back, and Team Arrow fighting amongst themselves and against the armies of Brick, an apparently-enhanced supervillain with a master plan to rival Slade Wilson's.

Black Canary jumped into action, while the Atom moved one step closer...and all the while, Felicity seemed at odds with the rest of the cast...regardless of what position they were taking.

So...we were left with a lot of questions. We'll start with the obvious one first:


Was Oliver really dead, and/or how did Tatsu bring him back?

Could this have to do with the powers she exhibits in the comics, where her sword allows her to capture and commune with the spirits of the dead?

It seems unlikely. More than that, it's likely she just healed him, or used some special root or something...but it seems like it's worth asking, since Maseo took him to HER, rather than some other place with better facilities.


Is Brick a metahuman?

What's going on with Brick? He took a shot to the head and just kept on coming; that doesn't quite seem like your everyday Arrow villain, more like something you'd see on The Flash.

Is he a meta? Could he have somehow acquired some modified form of Mirakuru?

AR310b 0061b

What is Felicity's future?

Felicity not only quit Team Arrow but, arguably more surprising, stormed out on Ray Palmer, telling him that she wouldn't help him commit suicide by becoming the Atom.

So...what's next for her? And what will it mean when Oliver comes back? After all, her fears that she'll lose him again aren't going to abate just because he came BACK from the dead this time around.


When will the other shoe drop?

This one's kind of all-purpose. Thea's character is poised to explode this season. With the news of Oliver's "death" being withheld from her and the revelation that she killed Sara being kept from both Thea and Laurel...well, something's gotta give. We know from Katie Cassidy's recent interviews that Laurel will find out soon enough. What happens then?

...And what will she do when she finds out Merlyn has been manipulating her?


Will someone else be back?

There were a number of clear implications that there was a Lazarus Pit in play, as well as recent comments by Stephen Amell that there is one, but they wouldn't use it on Ollie.

So...will it get use? Might we see Tommy, or Sara among the living again? And is that how we got Merlyn back to begin with?