Arrow's Stephen Amell Teases Wednesday Surprise

The same day the final episode of the show's second season debuts on The CW, Arrow star Stephen [...]

Seeing Red

The same day the final episode of the show's second season debuts on The CW, Arrow star Stephen Amell plans to share something via Facebook that he expects will be the most-viewed piece of news on his page ever. You can check out the full post from earlier today, teasing the development. He doesn't give any indication what it might be, but it doesn't seem outside of the realm of possibility that it could be something The Flash-related, since during the course of the last eight months or so, Amell's personal Facebook page has become a popular place for The CW to debut photos and video. It's difficult to imagine what Arrow Season Two-related material could generate the kind of buzz he suggests below and still be released the day of the finale; it would almost necessarily either spoil an episode that's just hours away, or reiterate something we already learned live on the air, neither of which seems like a particularly good plan.


Here are a few off-the-top-of-our-head ideas of what he could be teasing: A teaser trailer for The Flash - Obviously, The Flash's pilot is finished with production and likely post-production, since it's been screened for executives and greenlit already. A teaser trailer like the one FOX released for Gotham could be a huge traffic generator (Gotham's reportedly was viewed about 2 million times in the first 24 hours), and with The CW's upfront presentation just a day later, the idea of debuting a trailer for The Flash online doesn't seem as unlikely as it otherwise might. The first image of Arrow and The Flash together - What if Amell were to reveal that he secretly filmed a cameo in The Flash pilot or that The Flash had filmed a cameo in the pilot for Arrow, allowing for a still photo to be released showing DC's heroes together in costume for the first time? It wouldn't be totally impossible even if they don't have an on-screen crossover yet, since the Flash pilot was filmed in the same town as Arrow and at the same time as an in-production Arrow episode. Arrow webisode(s) - Many cult-hit series have turned to webisodes as a way to keep up viewer engagement during the long hiatus months, and while CW Seed (the network's original, digital programming component) hasn't announced any plans to do something like that, they did do that "Blood Rush" thing earlier in the season that suggests the Arrow cast and crew are willing to embrace that kind of programming if they think it will help the series. Arrow Season Three preview - This is probably the least likely of the four by a wide margin; they could have shot something, certainly -- perhaps something to do with the child Oliver doesn't know he has? -- but it's unlikely and even if they did want to get a jump on Season Three for some reason, it could create some continuity errors if they ended up having to replace a lesser cast member (as they did when they brought on Caity Lotz this season as Sara) or if there's a change to Oliver's appearance down the line (say, if he started to wear his hair longer).