Asa Butterfield Might Be Up For Spider-Man; Adam McKay Could Direct Marvel Movie


According to Da7e from Latino Review, you can add 17-year-old English actor Asa Butterfield to list of actors that Marvel could be considering for the MCU role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Butterfield is best known for starring in Gavin Hood's sci-fi box office disappointment Ender's Game (I liked it!).

Asa was recently asked on Reddit if he would have interest in the part. To which Asa replied, "I'M SO DOWN!"

Meanwhile, Da7e also says, "Adam McKay is in the on-deck spot to direct a Marvel movie." That makes sense. McKay rewrote Edgar Wright's Ant-Man script with Paul Rudd after he Wright departed the project. The Anchorman and The Other Guys director even told Crave Online in October that he had interest in working with Marvel in the future. McKay said, "But yeah, maybe I would take on one of the characters so we haven't locked in anything, but discussions are definitely going on."

Da7e doesn't know which movie McKay is "on-deck" for, but he speculates that when he comes up to the plate it will be for Inhumans. If it is Inhumans, McKay will have plenty of time to get his ducks in a row. The film doesn't arrive in theaters until July 12, 2019.