Ash vs Evil Dead Recap with Spoilers: Ashes to Ashes

, while Amanda says she'll stay and watch the book. The book somehow moves itself off the table [...]

(Photo: Starz)

Ash starts the episode walking through the forest toward the cabin. He picks up a dead bird and says "Sorry, nothing survives around here." The bird "wakes up" as a deadite, and he throws it against a tree. Ash gets up to the cabin, and arms up with his chainsaw hand and shotgun. "Honey, I'm home."

As he walks up to the cabin, he remembers his other experiences there. The swing is banging against the outer wall - until he steps onto the front porch. He hears a branch crack and spins around - but it's not a deadite, it's Amanda. "You shouldn't do this alone," she tells him. She wants to help. He decides she can come on in after all.

They enter the cabin and Amanda has a flashback of her partner being impaled on the antlers in the first episode. Ash says that during his "trip" he had a vision of burying the book underneath the cabin. "This is where it started, and that's where it's going to end," he says, pointing to the trap door in the floor. Amanda starts trying to pull at the chain on it, but Ash cautions her that "bad things" are down there. He goes to get a crowbar out of the shed where he killed his girlfriend (after she went deadite, he's not a savage), while Amanda says she'll stay and watch the book. The book somehow moves itself off the table it's on, and through a hole in the wall we see Ash's deadite hand crawling in the wall. An eye opens on it. Terrifying.

Pablo and Kelly are out in the forest and they're lost, looking for the cabin. They come across three hikers/campers who seem to be Australian? They had seen the cabin, and are willing to show the pair where it was.

Ash goes into the shed and says hi to Linda's skull. The door slams behind him, the handle breaks off, and he can't get it open. He calls out to Amanda, but she doesn't hear him inside the cabin.

A reel-to-reel tape has somehow started playing in the cabin, with creepy sounds emanating.

The hikers show Pablo and Kelly to just around the corner from the cabin. Interestingly, Kelly tells one of the hiker girls that is interested in Pablo even "just to keep me warm for a night or two" that he has a girlfriend. OOOOO jealousy! "I really hope they don't end up dead," Pablo says as they take off. Fun fact: single flirty hiker girl was Samara Weaving, niece of Hugo Weaving. Neat!

Back in the shed, Ash still can't get out and Linda's skull has now become Linda's head. She's talking to him, asking him why he left her there and warning him, "She's gonna die here. We all die. Everyone you ever loved."

In the cabin, Amanda readies her gun. Creepy piano music is playing down the hall. She opens a door, and a rat runs across the piano. There's a stack of journals on a table, though. She sees a note about a blade - the one that Ruby has. Hmm.

Ash comes into the cabin and asks Amanda if she wants to just run. "Why me? Why do I deserve all this? Why don't we just get the hell out of here and go somewhere we can start all over." Amanda tells him she likes him, but... Ash opens up and says he wants to find the guy that had a future before all of this. "I don't know, maybe," she says. He comes in for a kiss - and puts his hand on her. It's the deadite hand! Oh shit! "What's that?" He says, "Maybe I grew another hand, or maybe the hand grew another me. What's the difference, Amanda? I can give you what you want." Yeah, so that's an evil Ash grown by his hand.

Real Ash is still in the shed. Linda tells him he'll never save Amanda, and keeps taunting him. The tools, saws, and traps in the shed start coming alive and attacking him.

In the Cabin, Clone-Ash is trying to kill Amanda. She gets the... upper hand... and cuts it off him. She keeps chopping the hand up a few times. Clone-Ash is still evil, and attacks her - he grabs the cleaver and jams it into her neck and shoulder. "That's what I call cleavage," he quips. She stumbles through the cabin, and falls - right onto the antlers. "If it's any consolation, that's exactly how your partner felt when he was dying." Damn.

Ash lost his robo-hand to a beartrap. He finally slams Linda's skull apart with the crowbar and gets out.

Clone-Ash tells Amanda the evil knew who she was, and that she's help Ash, so they needed her dead. He leaves.

Ash comes in and sees Amanda. She warns him about Clone-Ash, and he apologizes to her, kisses her, and tells her "It's better where you're going." She dies. "Well, better to have loved and lost. And boy did you lose," the clone says, and runs away.

Just then, Pablo and Kelly come in. Ash tells them that another him killed her. He goes looking for clone him, and it attacks him. They start fighting, each going after the other's weaknesses as only they know. "Time. To. Die." they both say, holding each other's throats... and the episode ends. Only two left of the season, and things are not looking great for anyone here.