Ash vs Evil Dead Recap with Spoilers: Fire in the Hole

, Pablo, Kelly, and new teammate Amanda walking through the woods. The quadruple is trying to find [...]

(Photo: Starz)

The episode kicks off with Ash (currently with robot hand and shotgun, for the record), Pablo, Kelly, and new teammate Amanda walking through the woods. The quadruple is trying to find Lem and his gun nuts to get some good firepower. "I want a flamethrower!" Kelly declares.

They come upon the militia - and they've been torn to effing shreds. One is literally torn in half, it's not good. More militia come running up and shoot an injured one who was talking to them in the head. "He's one of them things!"

The four sit in a room with some of the militia, who are trying to find out what they're doing there. As it turns out, Lem is now a deadite, and he's the one who started tearing people in half. "What's out there knows that you're alive, and it wants for you to be unalive," Ash tells them. "You guys are survivalists, here's how you survive, give us our weapons back, and get the fuck out of our way." Well, the militia isn't ready to take that step - they think Lem's condition is part of a government experiment, and when they figure out Amanda is a cop, their paranoia goes on overdrive.

Lem manages to nab one and pulls him down into a fortified bunker. The four try to escape, and Pablo and Kelly get away, then the militia nut handcuffs Amanda and Ash to each other, and throw them down into the bunker with no weapons. While Pablo and Kelly try to actually escape and come up with an escape plan for the others, they start to explore the bunker.

"Most people go through life thinking they're totally safe, but people like us know the truth," Ash says. Then he starts hitting on Amanda, because he's Ash. She calls him out, but apologizes for "misreading you." She tells him about Ruby, and as she tells the story, Ruby stands up in the ashes of the Brujo's funeral pyre, stark ass naked. She crushes the skull of the no-longer-possessed Brujo.

Back in the bunker, the lights go out again, and Amanda and Ash try to explore again. Deadite Lem is definitely there. He finds them, and starts pouring some gas on the two of them. He really, really wants to light them on fire. This deadite seems to have more of Lem's personality than most.

Pablo and Kelly are hiding in the woods from the militia. Pablo has a "who am I" moment, but about weapons. "Maybe I'm an axe guy, or a rusty chain." "No, keep trying," she tells him. Our two pairs of heroes continue to wait it out, trying to get away from their respective assailants.

Ruby gets back to her car, and the hand is missing. She still has the weird cursed knife, though.

Pablo and Kelly get taken and tied up. One of the militia is a deadite now and kills one of the ones that took them by tearing his throat out. After repeatedly bashing the other's head, it starts to climb onto the truck. Pablo manages to start the truck, and drives it backward to crush the deadite against a tree. Kelly grabs the M-4 and tells Pablo to take the deadite militia guy's gas mask - and it starts attacking him. She starts shooting and can't handle the recoil, shooting all over. She finally gets control of it and takes him out. "These things are dangerous!"

In the bunker, Amanda has a plan. Good thing, as Ash is uncharacteristically useless right now.

Kelly and Pablo pull up to the militia and pull guns on them.

Lem gets to Amanda and Ash, and starts pouring gas all over the place, including on himself, and lights up a couple flares. They manage to take him out with some pretty smooth teamwork. "We should get handcuffed together more often," Ash says. "You wouldn't know what to do with me." When they're about to kiss, Pablo and Kelly manage to rescue them.

Outside, all the militia guys are ziptied to the fence. Pablo and Kelly are "shopping" for some good weapons. Yeah, they've picked out some nice guns, and they take a deadite out.

"So, are we hitting this cabin or what, because I'm ready to kick some ass," Kelly said. Ash gets a little sappy with them, tells them they're all special to him and did a good job staying alive. "Keep it up." The three start to walk away, and Ash disappears without them before they turn around.

Cut to Ash's deadite hand, and it's crawling right where it all started the original motherlovin cabin. God, this show is so good at fan service.

That's all she wrote. Three more episodes this season, kids.