Batman V Superman Plane Shown In Full Flight

(Photo: Turkish Airlines)

Batman has himself some pretty slick rides in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and most likely you will never get to drive them.

That might be a bit sad, but Turkish Airlines is at least trying to get you closer to your dream, albeit with the chance of a screaming baby seated next to you.

The official Batman V. Superman plane from Turkish Airlines can be seen in all of its double sided glory in the video above. Hopefully, it looks as good on the inside, but kudos to the team for taking the theme all the way. If you go to book a flight, you are asked if you want to go to Gotham or Metropolis. From there they have a full city guide, with a map and pictures of each city. Plus, if you enter to win a seat on the inaugural flight, you might be able to go to the movie's premiere.


Now if only it came with your very own giant penny.