Batman V. Superman Wraps Filming Scenes In Chicago

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice has finished filming scenes in the Chicago area.

In a video recap, Luis Gomez of the Chicago Tribune, discussed many of the locales that were used in the upcoming movie.

The cast and crew had been in the Windy City filming since Nov. 3. Prior to that, filming was done in Detroit.

Gomez explained that various parts of the Chicago were used not only for Gotham City but for Smallville as well.

In the Yorkville area, the Kent Farmhouse was rebuilt on the very same plot of land that it stood on when Man of Steel was filmed. Around the corner from the Kent Farmhouse, is a cemetery where filming also took place.

Gomez reported that Amy Adams was spotted near Washing Blue line station signing autographs for fans who had been waiting to see her. Because he was regularly on set during filming, Director Zack Snyder was frequently seen throughout town.

The Aragon Ballroom was transformed into a movie theater where The Mask of Zorro played. This was the film the Waynes saw with their young son Bruce shortly before they were brutally murdered in Crime Alley.

Spectators watched as Henry Cavill flew in the Loop.


“He was flying over the ground and started to descend,” Gomez said. “And then floating towards Amy Adams. it was pretty impressive to look at.”

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016.