Beyonce Dresses As Storm, Ciara As Catwoman For Birthday Party


As Ciara celebrated her thirtieth birthday this weekend, Vibe stopped in to snag a few photos of the celebrities present -- including the birthday girl herself dressed as Catwoman, and superstar Beyoncé in attendance as Storm of the X-Men.

Sadly for Vibe, nobody there opted to actually dress as longtime Justice League member Vibe.

Me Ciara and Russ celebrating the dirty thirty!

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I met Beyoncé tonight and she couldn't have been more sweet. And shares my love of costumes. @Beyonce

A photo posted by Jeff Dye (@jeffdye) on

Funny enough, the photos come from comedian and actor Jeff Dye, who was a correspondent for Spike TV's Comic-Con All Access 2014. So he knows his way around nerdity.


Dye will be back on tour in November, so if you're interested, you can check out his schedule here.