Big Hero 6 Passed Beauty & The Beast, Becoming 3rd Highest-Grossing Disney Animated Film


Walt Disney Animation have produce lots of classic films, and there latest offering, Big Hero 6, has just passed Beauty and the Beast to become the third highest-grossing Disney Animation release.

Big Hero 6, which is loosely-based on a Marvel Comics property, reached a milestone at the North American box office this weekend. The film has now grossed $219.3M at the domestic box office, which pushed it past Beauty and the Beast. That puts the film in third place among Disney animated films, behind The Lion King ($422.7M) and Frozen ($400.7M).

Let me repeat, that is based on domestic figures, not worlwide box office. Also, that is not factoring in inflation. While inflation wouldn't matter when comparing Frozen's figures with Big Hero 6, it would pose a factor with 1994's The Lion King.

It gets a bit murkier when you consider that Pixar is owned by Disney, but they treat Walt Disney Animation separately from Pixar. Thus, Pixar films are left out of the comparison as well.

Either way, it is a great achievement for Big Hero 6. Kudos, to them.


The film is nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 87th Academy Awards. Hopefully they pull off a victory.