Bill Gates, Google Founders To Get Bluewater Comic Treatment

A new Bill Gates biography, titled Bill Gates: Co-Founder of Microsoft is available from Bluewater [...]

A new Bill Gates biography, titled Bill Gates: Co-Founder of Microsoft is available from Bluewater Press in both digital and physical formats today. Available in book stores, comic shops and on the Nook, Kindle and iPad, the Gates story is the first in a batch of books mentioned today in a press release from Bluewater, the others of which are biographies of the founders of Google and Twitter. A Steve Jobs comic had already been made available from Bluewater. Check out how Bluewater describes the projects below and keep your eyes peeled here for announcements as the later volumes become available.

BILL GATES COMIC BOOK IN STORES NOW!  GOOGLE CREATORS AND TWITTER'S JACK DORSEY ALSO GET CELEBRATED IN OWN COMIC BOOKS With new technologic advances flooding the market everyday, Information is at our fingertips and connectivity has never been easier. Bluewater Productions newest releases tell the stories of the innovators that have changed the digital world forever. "Bill Gates: Co-Founder of Microsoft," "Sergey Brin and Larry Page: The Creators of Google," and "Jack Dorsey: Co-Founder of Twitter" explore how Microsoft, Google, and Twitter, respectively, came to be and the great minds behind the ideas. He has been called the sultan of software and the master of the modern PC. Follow the life of William Gates from his early days writing basic code, through the rise of Microsoft, to his current humanitarian works. See what has driven this amazing man to become an architect of the future in "Bill Gates: Co-Founder of Microsoft," in stores now. The tech bio was written by journalist Martin Pierro and drawn by artist Zach Bassett. Curious readers can purchase copies of "Bill Gates: Co-Founder of Microsoft" for their Kindle, Nook, or iPad at Print copies can be found for $7.99 at your local comic book store or at bookstores. Along with Bill Gates, Bluewater will draw attention to three other Silicon Valley mavens—Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google. It is undeniable the influence Google has had. The company filters into every aspect of our lives—whether we are searching for information, using a map to navigate to a destination, or shopping online. "Sergey Brin and Larry Page: The Creators of Google" introduces readers to the two men that have put the world at our fingertips. CW Cooke is the author behind Bluewater's newest comic book out this summer. Aside from writing about the "Google Boys," he has previously penned bio comics for Bluewater on other important tech figures, including the sold out "Steve Jobs: Co-Founder of Apple. Fans that missed buying a copy the first time around are in luck; Bluewater Productions is releasing a graphic novel version of the popular comic this fall. Also this summer will be graphic novel version of the sold out Mark Zuckerberg comic book. "Sergey Brin and Larry Page: The Creators of Google" drawn by Greg Freeland II will retail at $7.99 and may be preordered at Readers also have option of downloading digital copies of the graphic novel to their Nook, Kindle, or iPad. Jack Dorsey is the co-founder of Twitter, asocial media platform like none other that allows users to have their voicebroadcast to the masses, 140 characters at a time. With Twitter, Dorsey hasmanaged bridge the social gaps that entrepreneurs have been trying to close for years; friends are connecting with far-away friends, companies are finally reaching their customers in a new and unique way, and celebrities are tweeting directly at their fans in every corner of the world. Learn about the man behind the phenomenon in "Jack Dorsey: Co-Founder of Twitter." Written by Chris Arrant and illustrated by Jason Marks, "Jack Dorsey: Co-Founder of Twitter" will be out at the end of the year.