CBS' Supergirl: More Info On Kara, Superman & Villainous Lumberjack


I came across some more audition videos for CBS' new comic book-based television series, Supergirl. They offer some new information on Supergirl, Superman and the first villain known as the Lumberjack.

A sixteen-year-old actress trying out for the part of Supergirl/Kara, which eventually went to Glee and Whiplash actress Melissa Benoist, provides us with a scene involving Kara saying goodbye to her biological parents, Zor-El and Alura, just before they hurdle her off into space.

Zor-El: Your pods coordinates are interlocked with Kal-El's. You will follow him to Earth.

Kara: I'm not afraid, father.

Zor-El: You are so like your mother.

Alura: The trip is long, but you will sleep most of the way. And we will be with you in your dreams. You'll journey to Earth to watch over your baby cousin, Kal-El. Because of Earth's yellow sun you will have great powers on this planet. You'll be able to do extraordinary things. 

Kara: I won't fail Kal-El, mother.  Or, you.

Alura: I love you, Kara.

Zor-El: You have to go. Now!

Kara: I love you.

There is an additional scene with Kara whining to her Earth-mother about how she wishes she could show off her superpowers. You don't need a transcript, just watch any episode of Smallville and you'll get the drift.

The first villain that Supergirl will fight in the pilot will be the Lumberjack. We don't know much about the character, but this new audition video fills in some blanks. Lumberjack is alien and is being instructed to do somebody else's bidding. Who is pulling the strings behind the scenes? The second part of the video is the Lumberjack confronting Supergirl. He keeps wanting to know who she is and she wisely fends off his question and then for no reason whatsoever she finally relents and tells him vital information that could be used against her. Ugh.

Also, there is a mention of a General, perhaps General Zod?

Mysterious Villain: You saw the plane?

Lumberjack: Yes, and the girl. Where do you think she came from?

Mysterious Villain: He (Superman) made it to Earth. Is it so hard to believe others did to?

Lumberjack: She's working with the humans?

Mysterious Villain: It appears so. She must not become an impediment to our plans. The general has ordered you to locate her and terminate.

Lumberjack: I can't promise her death won't be public and messy.

Mysterious Villain: Casualties are irrelevant. Never forget who imprisoned you.

Lumberjack: I wont. I intend to repay that debt in full.


Supergirl: I can hear your heartbeat, all three of them.

Lumberjack: And on my planet females bow before males. Tell me your name and your home or origin and no one in your city will die, except you.

Supergirl: I have a better idea, come with me now and I won't hurt you.

Lumberjack: I wonder if you will speak that way when this sun burns and the sky screams with fire.

Supergirl: So dramatic, but I've seen one world end. I won't let that happen again.

Lumberjack: And which world's that? Tell me your name?!

Supergirl: How about I just kick your ass?

Lumberjack: I said, what is your name?!

Supergirl: I don't feel much like talking.

Lumberjack: I said, tell me your name?!

Supergirl: I'm from Krypton, my name Kara Zor-El, daughter of Alura.

Lumberjack: You bare his (Superman) symbol, but you are not him.

Supergirl: So everyone keeps telling me.

Lumberjack: No woman can stop me.

We previously saw auditions for the role of Kara's foster sister Alex Danvers in which Kara tells Alex about how she used her superpowers to save people in the train. Well, the scene below is of Alex, who works a secret government organization, getting chewed out by her superior Agent Hank Henshaw. He knows Kara is special because Alex has already informed him of that, but was under the impression she would never use her powers. Now that she has, Kara's now on his radar.

Agent Hank Henshaw: She used her powers.

Alex Danvers: I was coming in now to debrief you.

Agent Hank Henshaw: You promised this would never happen.

Alex Danvers: I had every reason to believe my assessment was accurate.

Agent Hank Henshaw: You promised me. Promise, like you would accept my invitation to the Spring formal. I was saving my pennies to buy you a corsage. You gave me your word.

Alex Danvers: I understand, Agent Henshaw. But there was a mitigating factor.

Agent Hank Henshaw: Your word. Illuminate me, Ms. Danvers. What was it, this factor?

Alex Danvers: I've seen the subject tested over the years, pushed to the limit and in every situation she has gone out of her way hide what makes her extraordinary. When we were in high school she fell off the ski lift and pretended to need a cast. Kara hobbled around on crutches for months.

Agent Hank Henshaw: I love your childhood anecdotes.

Alex Danvers: Her feelings are the mitigating factor. She was willing to hurt herself to blend in, to be accepted. But here, with others lives at stake she put their needs above her emotional discomfort.

Agent Hank Henshaw: You talk about her like she is some lost, wet kitten. She is one of the most potent, terrifying creatures I have ever seen.

Alex Danvers: Please, Kara is not like that.

Agent Hank Henshaw: She's an alien. A dangerous Kryptonian that is off the leash. Never be confused by the color and texture of her skin.

Alex Danvers: The inhabits of her planet are different.

Agent Hank Henshaw: Oh yeah, you met any more of her kind?

Alex Danvers: Yeah, when I was a kid, the other survivor.

Agent Hank Henshaw: Who is totally uncooperative.

Alex Danvers: I hardly consider what he does as uncooperative.

Agent Hank Henshaw: He's a maverick, who refuses to submit to any military protocol. I won't take another Kryptonian wild card.

Alex Danvers: I got this, I'll talk to her.

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