Check Out This Awesome Magneto Cake

mags cake 2
(Photo: Carla Puig)

Cake artist Carla Puig is truly a master.

Puig crafted this uncanny Magneto cake for Comicake 2015, which is a sort of baking community with chefs from Mexico, Spain, and Argentina displaying caked and baked goods that have a comic book theme.

But seriously, check out this cake! Yes, completely edible, this statuesque sweet looks more like a Bowen statue than a dessert.

mags cake 3
(Photo: Carla Puig)

The detail of the cape and the pleats as well as the face with the intensity of his eyes, but also the wrinkles and skin. It's marvelous. You can check out the rest of the submissions in the link above, but this Magneto really does take the cake.