CM Punk Confirmed To Appear In UFC 2


While UFC President Dana White announced that former WWE Champion Phil "CM Punk" Brooks would indeed fight for UFC in 2016, it looks like Brooks' first fight could actually be in a video game.

EA confirmed that Brooks will be a playable fighter in the upcoming video game UFC 2, the sequel to the company's EA-branded game, called EA Sports' UFC or simply even UFC (not to be confused with UFC Undisputed from 2009, by THQ). Brooks has yet to even set foot in the octagon in a fighting capacity as his first opponent still has not been found.

The roster includes the likes of Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey (who is one of the fighters who grace the cover), but Brooks is the only athelete in the game who doesn't even have a professional fighting record, so the major concern is: how can they gauge his strength and weaknesses to make him available for the game? Obviously both EA and UFC wanted to capitalize on Brooks' involvement with the MMA giant, so this move should have been expected.

UFC 2 has a tentative release date in Spring of 2016, so we'll see if Brooks makes it to the ring or the consoles first.