Comic Artist Arlen Schumer The Subject of Art Exhibition in New York City

Veteran comics artist Arlen Schumer is the subject of an art exhibit happening between now and [...]


Veteran comics artist Arlen Schumer is the subject of an art exhibit happening between now and June 5 at the Art on A Gallery (address in the image above). "The Art of Arlen Schumer" contains originals, prints and posters spanning from 1978 to 2014, covering the career of the artist, author, graphic designer, illustrator and American pop culture/comic book art historian—from images created for one of Bruce Springsteen's most legendary concerts in 1978 while a student at Rhode Island School of Design, to comic book-style commercial illustrations for magazines, greeting cards and off-Broadway show posters, to comic book art history works and more autobiographical imagery. Arlen Schumer is a member of The Society of Illustrators, creating comic book-style illustrations for advertising and editorial usage, and one of the foremost historians of comic book art—his book The Silver Age of Comic Book Art won the Independent Publishers Award for Best Popular Culture Book of 2003. He lectures on these and other pop culture subjects he is a recognized expert in, Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone and the music of Bruce Springsteen, at universities and cultural institutions nationwide. In addition to the exhibition, Mr. Schumer will be presenting a series of lectures each Thursday evening of the exhibition's duration that give background and context to his exhibited works: May 15: "Batman, Bob Kane and Bill Finger"—on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of Batman's first published appearance in May 1939, Schumer discusses the behind-the-scenes origin of the character, with specific attention paid to the unsung co-creator role of Kane's writer and partner, Bill Finger. May 29: "Man and Superman"—the role Superman has played in Schumer's life, art and career, from childhood sketches to adult illustrations and comic art history works. June 5: "The Silver Age of Comic Book Art"—Based on his comic book art history book, Schumer explores the origins of the superhero traditions and their personification of American ideals and values, and how these attitudes and portrayals changed during the turbulent decade of the 1960s. You'll not only see where Hollywood's love affair with superhero movies comes from—you'll see comics projected like you've never seen them before! All lectures begin at 6:00pm. And on May 22, there'll be a Comic Costume Party in the Gallery, as Geminis Schumer (June 6) and Gallery manager/curator Grace Perez (May 28) celebrate their birthdays together! Come dressed as your favorite comic book character! The party begins at 6:00pm.