Comic Book Previews for November 18th, 2009

It's a pretty big week this pre-Thanksgiving week, as many comic book events and series hit the [...]

It's a pretty big week this pre-Thanksgiving week, as many comic book events and series hit the shelves! The action kicks off this week at Marvel, with some pretty big focus on the most famous wall-crawler in store. In the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #612, creative team Mark Waid and Paul Azaceta bring Peter Parker one of his toughest challenges to date, as the storyline "The Gauntlet" begins here! Witness the return of one of Spider-Man's most classic foes as Electro storms into the forefront to lead the charge against Spidey! Also this week, Dark Reign-The List: Amazing Spider-Man one-shot hits shelves. Norman's must personal vendetta comes to a head in this issue! Mighty Avengers #31 brings to a conclusion the epic battle between any and all available Avengers and The Unspoken, the Inhuman threat to the world. What will be the outcome of this team-up? Find out! New writer Jeff Parker takes over with this week's issue of Thunderbolts with number 138. It's a new beginning for the team of criminals with this issue! Madame Hydra made an appearance at the end of Spider-Woman's last issue, but what is her intent? Find out in this week's Spider-Woman #3. Get a double dose of Wolverine this week with the release of both Wolverine: Origins #42 and Wolverine: Weapon X #7.

Over in the pages of DC this week, Flash: Rebirth #5 brings the story of the Flash family one step closer to its conclusion in next month's issue six. What exactly will become of the recently returned Barry Allen? Who is the newest hero to don a speedster identity? Read on. Supergirl tries to help resolve the murder of her father in Supergirl #47 this week. Over in Gotham City, Huntress has her hands full with a mad priest in Streets of Gotham #6. The Black Lanterns are back again, this time in the pages of The Outsiders #24. Black Lantern and former Titan Terra returns to attack Geo-Force and friends! Adventure Comics #4 sees Superboy Prime squaring off against a group that may have helped him to meet his match! Rounding out the big titles for DC this week is the Justice Society of America 80-pg. Giant! A massive one-shot full of heroic fun and surprises told over seven different stories!

Dark Horse brings the origin of the internet sensation Dr. Horrible to paper with the publication of Dr. Horrible, a one-shot delving into the beginnings of the Joss Whedon villain! Also in the one-shot category this week is Deadlocke, the story of what happens when comic book fantasy, superpowers and the upper-class intersect. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #47 kicks off a new arc this week when "Demon" begins, focusing on the trial of the Mandalorian Demagol is underway. Image Comics brings the second issue of its quirky new series Cowboy Ninja Viking to comic book stores this week, as the adventure of the "triplets", people with three distinct personalities, continues around the globe. Also look for G-Man: Cape Crisis #4, the next to last issue of the Chris Giarusso helmed book! Invincible #68 hits this week, providing what Image is calling a perfect "jumping-on point for people who have yet to dip their toes in the Invincible water!"

The good folks over at Boom! Studios have the popular and intense series Irredeemable walking out the door with us this week with issue eight. What happens in this issue when Plutonian faces the prospect of facing his greatest villain, Modeus. More importantly, can Modeus be trusted by those who need him? A milestone awaits readers of Walt Disney Comics and Stories, as the historically long-running series releases issue 700 this week! Nola #1 begins the adventures of a young woman, Nola Thomas, as she begins a quest for revenge in a post-Katrina New Orleans! Top Cow brings us two tales this week, first the third issue of Berserker. We also see the release of Cyberforce/Hunter Killer #3, as Morningstar sets a deadly trap for our team! Wow, lots of reading to be done! You, ad we, had better get started!!! Check back next week for books to keep you entertained while you stuff your face with turkey, and more turkey, and yet more turkey!