Comic-Con Cosplay: Top 10 Crazy Hats And Hairdos

Comic-Con certainly has lots of fascinating costumes. Earlier we compiled a list of the top 10 Comic-Con costumes that we had spotted so far. We also decided that it might be interesting to do something a little different. While combing though our hundreds of photos from Comic-Con, we noticed a rather interesting theme. In addition to great costumes, quite a few Comic-Con attendees like to sport unusual hats, helmets, and hairdos. Whether it was because of shaving the bat symbol into their hair or because of wearing an unusually large helmet, these Comic-Con attendees stood out to us. Here is out list of the top ten crazy hats and hairdos from the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con.

0commentsCosplay Bat Haircut10. Bat-Man Logo Shaved In Hair


Cosplay Helmet9. Big Helmet Head (Spaceballs). Knit hat with ear flaps8. Keeping The Ears Warm In The Summer San Diego Heat.Birdhead in a Hoodie7. Birdhead In A Hoodie.Blue Hat6. Fashionable Blue.Comic Con Hat5. Ready For An Expedition.Jester On A Helmet4.  Why Wear Either A Jester Hat Or A Helmet When You Can Wear Both.Captain America Hat3. The Big A, Classic Captain America. Pop-Up Gremlin Hat2. Er..Excuse Me Sir But You Have A Gremlin In Your Hat.Bling Hat1. Want To See My Lego Collection?