Constantine: Easter Eggs and DC Comics References in Saint of Last Resort, Part 1

millhouseTonight's Constantine midseason finale was chock full of mythological and religious references, some of which we still haven't been able to track down a proper spelling for (or maybe the show made them up).

So we'll be counting on the comments thread not just for some of those, but because while we were trying to get our bearings there, some other stuff might have slipped by.

What did we see? What did we miss? Read on...!

The invunche

Yes, the Invunche appeared in the comics. They had a bit of a relationship with Anne-Marie, even. 

And here's a little evidence that the design people did their homework...!


Anne-Marie was a member of the Newcastle Crew in Hellblazer, and while there are some liberties taken here, much of her story played out similarly in the comics.

Like a number of other supporting characters, Anne-Marie would haunt Constantine for years after her death.

Brujeria 01la Brujería

These South American warlocks were indeed the forces behind The Invunche in Swamp Thing, during one of Constantine's earliest stories.

In the comics, to create an Invunche, la Brujería kidnap a six-month old infant, disjoint the head, arms and legs, and imbue it with certain mystical properties. More or less as they would have brought the chicken to life.


Hey, does that name sound familiar? That's because it's the main demon used in the film The Exorcist.

According to that bastion of accuracy Yahoo! Answers...

In Ancient Akkaid Pazuzu was the Demon of the West Wind. In appearance it was a winged scorpion-dog with a hideous demeanor.

Yet for being a demon, it was (ironically) rather popular as it was considered something like a "pit bull" and relied upon to defend a home against something far worse.

Gary Lester

Name-dropped in this episode is Gary Lester, whose death we saw a few weeks ago in "A Feast of Friends." Apparently word has gotten around as to the circumstances of poor Gaz's death, as Anne-Marie tells Constantine when he tries to sweet-talk her into sacrificing himself, "That might have worked on Gary Lester...".

"The Crusade"

The Resurrection Crusade is a fanatic militant Christian group, antagonists in the Original Sins arc.

In the comics, Zed's father attempts to offer her to an angel for the purpose of conceiving a baby who will become the new Messiah.

Sisters of Eve

monitor-earthprime said ... (original post)

The Sister of Eve is Lamashtu not Lamachte.  The others listed are: