Constantine, Justice League Dark, And Lego Batman 3 Featured On DC All Access

This week's episode of DC All Access has guest co-host Joshua Ovenshire of Smosh Games, Constantine, Justice League Dark, and LEGO Batman 3.

The episode features an interview with Harold Perrineau, who plays Manny on Constantine, and takes a trip to the dark side of DC Comics, checking in with Justice League Dark and Arkham Manor.


See it below:

The great co-host search continues and today internet sensation Jovenshire joins Tiffany in the Batcave (or is it the Fortress of Solitude Ice Skating Rink?) to debut an exclusive interview with Harold Perrineau from NBC's hit TV show Constantine. Plus get the latest news about the mystical goings-on in Justice League Dark and Arkham Manor so you'll be prepared for all the DC Comics conversations at your Thanksgiving Dinner.