Dark Horse Comics Holding Star Wars 50% Off Farewell Sale

star-wars-dark-horse-saleFans who want to get their hands on digital copies of Dark Horse's decades of Star Wars comics may have to do it now, or wait quite some time for the rights to be sorted out...but the publisher is making it easy for you with a year-end sale.

Disney's recent acquisition of Lucasfilm means that Marvel is going to get the Star Wars rights in January, but for the final five days of 2014, Dark Horse is offering all digital Star Wars comics at 50% off on their website and app.

Fans can also pick up the Farewell MegaBundle that includes every single Star Wars comic published by Dark Horse for only $300, more than 80% off the digital retail price.

"As the end of an era closes, we say a fond farewell to Star Wars. The Wookiees will be missed, and bounty hunters will be sad. But take heart, young Jedi, for in these last few days, you can seal in carbonite the entire Dark Horse Digital library of Star Wars," the publisher said in a press release. "Get every comic, every panel, and every battle in perfect digital format in your collection. Access via the Cloud City whenever you want. Many of these comics may never be in print again, and this is your chance to get over twenty years of Star Wars comics history at a once-in-a-lifetime price."


This digital sale runs through 11:00 p.m. PST, Wednesday, December 31, and Dark Horse assures fans that all Star Wars comics purchased before 1/1/2015 will remain in their digital collections.

Dark Horse is one of the only major publishers without a deal with ComiXology, but the free Dark Horse Digital comics app is now available worldwide through all modern web browsers and features cloud storage in both Google Play and iOS apps.