Deadpool was Number One In Sixty Out Of The Sixty-One Markets It Opened In


Deadpool had a near flawless rollout worldwide on its way to a 300 million worldwide sum, coming in number one in sixty out of sixty one markets. Awfully impressive. There was just one country however that didn't feel like seeing Ryan Reynolds go all stabby stab on some people, and that country is Poland.

They opted for something a bit different, namely a romantic comedy titled Planeta Singli. Granted, they will probably just go see Deadpool next week, but still. Either way, no need to get out the pitchforks.

While Poland sat out this round, most everyone else showed up in droves. Deadpool even beat out Star Wars The Force Awakens for best opening in Russia (12.4 million). Not bad for a movie that Fox didn't initially want to make.

After all that success, the film still has countries left to open in, so that worldwide number should continue to grow at an impressive pace.


via The Wrap