Exclusive Clip: William Shatner Talks With Robert Greenberg On Brown Bag Wine Tasting

Robert Greenberg

On a new episode of Brown Bag Wine Tasting, William Shatner talks with music historian Robert Greenberg, who reveals the true inspiration for Beethoven's symphonies over a glass of mystery wine.

In an exclusive clip provided to Comicbook.com by Ora TV, Shatner asks Greenberg if his music is written about powdered wigs and a refined way of talking how is he able to put that music into context. Greenberg replies, "People are people. People's desires, people's needs to express themselves, people's actions toward each other, the mistakes that we constantly make over and over again regarding power and sex, these are absolutely consistent whether we're wearing wigs or a beret or simply shaving our head and tattooing it in it's place."


Watch the full episode of Robert Greenberg's chat with William Shatner on Ora TV.