EXCLUSIVE: Star Wars Rebels Clip Sees Rebels Meet the Clones

(Photo: Lucasfilm Animation)

It's no secret that the popular Clone troopers are returning to meet and team up with the crew of Star Wars Rebels. Rex, Wolf, and Gregor come back in the two-part story that kicks off the regular airing of Season 2, following up on the "movie" premiere "Siege of Lothal," which brought Darth Vader into the story back in June.

We have an exclusive clip from the third episode of the season, with Ezra easing back Kanan, and being introduced to the three Clone trooper survivors, showing more of the scene than what was shown in the trailer.

There's also an interesting tease in that clip, when Captain Rex talks about when he "fought alongside Ahsoka Tano." It's the first of several of these little hints that will drop throughout the season as Rex and Ahsoka both make their presence felt, and will give fans some idea of what each of those two have been up to since we last saw them in The Clone Wars up until the time we see them in Rebels.


Star Wars Rebels returns to Disney XD with all-new episodes starting October 14, 2015 at 9:30 ET/PT.