Experience The Battles Of 16th Century Japan In Warbands: Bushido

Warbands Bushido

Game makers are always looking for that perfect mix of digital and tabletop, and Red Unit Studios has taken plenty of inspiration from both in their upcoming game Warbands: Bushido.

The game is currently on Kickstarter and is an isometric tactics game that is set in 16th century Japan (via TGN), known by historians as the warring states period. Warbands: Bushido is an exclusively digital affair, but like other titles, such as Cardhunter, it adopts a wealth of tabletop hallmarks. Things like battling on sectioned tiles, using cards for abilities and strikes, and rolling dice to affect damage, all play a part in Bushido.

Warbands 1

While the board game aesthetic is lovely, especially when it comes to the beautifully rendered miniatures, at the core is a traditional grid-based strategy game. Warbands: Bushido appears to have combined both tabletop and digital into a sleek and modern package.


You can head to the official Kickstarter page to see more about the game.