First Star Trek Beyond Reactions Are Very Positive

With several press screenings now under its belt, it looks like Star Trek Beyond is racking up [...]

star trek beyond
(Photo: Paramount Pictures)

With several press screenings now under its belt, it looks like Star Trek Beyond is racking up tons of reactions which are beyond positive. Directed by Justin Lin, the threequel will be released next week in the U.S., but those who were lucky enough to have seen the film early are already sharing their thoughts about film on the Internet.

In one corner of social media, there are dozens of fans rallying behind the latest Star Trek flick. Users such as @BilgeEbiri, @donkaye, and @JackGi have all complimented the film and said it stands as their favorite of the trilogy. Check out all of the reactions below!

However, in another corner, we can find fans who didn't react as enthusiastically about the film as other did. Their opinions were much more mixed as these fans criticized the film's lack of moral dilemmas and overall direction. Popular youtuber @JackHoward and actor @jeffcannata shared their iffy opinions through Twitter following their screenings of Star Trek Beyond.

Overall, fans seem to agree that Star Trek Beyond harkens back to the trilogy's 2009 debut that had both new and old fans hyped for the rebooted sci-fi franchise. And, undoubtedly, most are also grateful the latest film avoids Star Trek Into Darkness' bad press as fans were very vocal with their complaints about the sequel. It's nice to see critics and press members backing the film as fans were initially wary of the film after its first official trailer was released. Apparently, its Beastie Boys soundtrack threw people off more than expected.

Star Trek Beyond will have its world premiere next week at San Diego Comic Con where the cast will convene and introduce their latest film. Afterwards, fans all across the country will be able to board theaters to experience the latest Star Trek movie on July 22nd 2016.