Fox Announces Gotham Winter Hiatus, Return Date

(Photo: FOX)

As reported in September, Gotham season two only has one major break in the episodes, a welcome shift for fans after last year's erratic airing schedule. The split was planned as 11 episodes on either side.

That means there are only three new episodes left before the winter hiatus, as the eighth episode of the season has already aired. Today, Fox announced when that hiatus will come to an end, and it will be after about three months.

Gotham Season 2.5 will start up on "leap day," February 29, 2016. The series will play lead-in to Lucifer, another DC Comics-based series, giving Fox their own DC Mondays starting at the end of February. That episode will start a second eleven episode run of the show.


While some of the storylines will wrap, and a nice cliffhanger is sure to hit with episode 11's end, the "Rise of the Villains" subtitle will be carried over into the second half of the season, Fox also announced.