Goku vs Black Goku Is As Weird As You Think It Is

Dragonball Z fans expect a certain amount of quirkiness in their storylines, but whether it is just ill-conceived or just bad translation, their latest one just leaves you a bit awestruck at how weird it is.

Dragonball Z Black Goku
(Photo: Dragon Ball Super)

The newest arc of their Dragon Ball Super series has Goku meeting an alternate version of him from another timeline (via Geektyrant). His name is Black Goku, and while I am sure this is in reference to his dark and evil nature, it just sounds all kinds of wrong when it gets translated during their first throwdown.

Their first battle features the duo gauging the other one's power levels, and while Goku takes on his Super Saiyan form almost immediately, Black Goku takes a bit of a beating before he shows off just how powerful he can be. I will say, though, it's hard to take someone seriously as a villain when they decide to emulate George Michael with their green bulb earring.

You can see a portion of their first battle in the video clip above.