Gotham Upfront Trailer: This Is Not A Comic Book World, The Joker’s Origins

Gotahm Upfront Trailer

As part of the 2014 TV Upfronts, FOX has released a new Upfront trailer for the Gotham TV series. The Gotham Upfront trailer features brand new footage from the Gotham TV series, as well as commentary from the cast and crew. "Gotham is a story about the origins of the great DC supervillains, and you'll be seeing how they came to be," says executive producer Bruno Heller. "Catwoman, The Ridder, Poison Ivy, The Penguin, what made The Joker…The Joker, how did The Scarecrow become The Scarecrow." "Every week, there will be a new dark alley way to go down. There will be a new villain, who may be a famous villain or may not," says director Danny Cannon. "You do not want to miss an episode, because you may miss meeting The Joker for the first time." "This is not a comic book world. This is a real world heightened. It's a mythic world. It's a dramatic world full of adventure and color and sex and violence and fun," adds Heller. Gotham is set to air on Monday night in the Fall on FOX.